Boosting Productivity by Digitizing Procurement


Boosting Productivity by Digitizing Procurement

  • Dr. Gokce Ozcelik – BIM Engineer I (ATG)
  • December 14, 2020

Technology adoption is essential to AEC projects that aids project teams from preventing the following from happening:

  • Losing productivity with ingress of a new generation of engineering professionals.
  • Losing bids to competition.
  • Losing profit margins with increasingly tighter schedule and budgets.

A key aspect of technology adoption in construction industry is digitizing the procurement strategies. Procurement strategies are at the heart of material supply chain activities and for successful procurement, each link in the supply chain must have a transparent one-stop communication and an information flow platform. Generating accurate Bill of Materials (BOM), the master list of construction materials, is essential for electrical supply chain productivity, and such BOMs serve as the much needed one-stop platform. Some of the key questions to address include:

  • Are you afraid of technology adoption because of the cost of change in your current workflows?
  • Are you waiting for shop drawings and doing manual take-offs for area-wise material release?
  • Are you spending too many hours in 3D modeling to generate comprehensive BOMs?
  • Are you spending an excessive amount of time for locating, handling, and sorting materials?
  • Are you a small or medium-size contractor wanting to start performing BIM (Building Information Modeling) and/or prefabrication but worried about the upfront costs?
  • Are you facing resource insufficiency for take-offs?

If you answered ‘YES’ to one or more of these questions, it’s time to revise your procurement strategy with AECInspire. AECInspire helps you leverage the right supply chain for project success – and can help you unlock up to 60% productivity increase and reduce up to 10% material wastage – without any upfront costs. AECInspire is Sanveo, Inc’s flagship cloud-based application that generates a comprehensive and accurate multi-level BOM from 3D models and 2D drawings, for contractors, manufacturers & distributors.


*AECInspire Revit Plug-in (left), AECInspire Cloud (center), AECInspire-TrackdIt (right)

AECInspire is designed to meet the electrical construction industry’s ever-growing needs and leverages more than a decade of industry experience through Sanveo. Here are a few ways AECInspire can help you:

  • BOM Generation:
    • Generates accurate BOMs for both modeled and unmodeled components and supports your prefabrication processes on 3D projects.
    • Our 2D module enables small and medium-size contractors to kick off the prefabrication and BIM without worrying about the upfront costs.
    • Wire BOM module enables generation of wire reel schedules from both 2D & 3D.
  • Prefabrication support: Enables prefabrication through its built-in assembly library,
  • Delivery management: Creates customized work-packages for delivery, and enables detailed material tracking
  • Material Tracking:
    • Enables material return documentation with its tracking app TrackdIt.
    • Directly integrates with ERP systems of manufacturers and distributors, thereby providing critical project schedule information to distributors.

AECInspire’s 2D module enabled us serve our customers more efficiently. It simplifies the workflow and generates a comprehensive BOM exactly as we want…”- Alan Humbird, Quality and Service Solutions Manager, Graybar 

Successful procurement and material management are driven by supply chain productivity. Using a unified platform for information and communication flow could boost productivity.  

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