Electrify Your Projects with AECInspire – Wire Bill of Materials (BOM)


Electrify Your Projects with AECInspire – Wire Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Dr. Gokce Ozcelik, BIM Engineer I (ATG)
  • December 14, 2020

One size does not fit all when ordering wire. Unlike conduits, wire is often not repurposed for anything except what they were designed for. Ordering incorrect feeder wire length (less than required) often results in wastage and reordering. Such repeated orders influence the project cost, logistics, and on-site installation schedule. Therefore, it is imperative to have accurate wire quantities during procurement.

Currently, obtaining wire quantities is a disparate and time-consuming process that has been hindering the accuracy of wire orders and associated workflows (e.g., reel planning). Currently, too much time is spent on:

  • Generating wire quantities with information coming from disparate sources (e.g., conduit run lengths from BIM teams, adder values from site team).
  • Manual excel wire/cable preparation that includes details such as origin & destination, wire counts, wire sizes & voltage determined from project drawings.
  • Planning and managing wire reel orders.
  • Tracking wire orders in terms of locations and installation progress.

AECInspire is now addressing all these inefficiencies and saving tremendous amounts of time by generating accurate and comprehensive wire quantities from 2D drawings and 3D models! By simply inputting the wire settings to the Wire BOM module, users can generate accurate Bill of Materials (BOMs) for their wire jobs in a few clicks.

aecinspire wire bom

*AECInspire provides the much-needed accurate wire quantities to users; not less than what you need, all you need!

Convenient and streamlined workflows:

Existing workflows for obtaining wire quantities, planning and processing the reel orders often requires manual intervention from project teams. Teams determine conduit/feeder run, from and to information, wire counts and sizes, and voltage information manually from project drawings and single line diagrams. Following this, procurement activities are addressed.

With the Wire BOM module, the workflow for obtaining wire quantities is similar, the key difference being convenience. The Wire BOM module generates accurate wire quantities from either 2D or 3D automatically. The manual intervention is very minimal and is consistent with existing workflows. Output from the Wire BOM module can also be exported to Excel, edited in Excel if required, and re-imported back to AECInspire.

Simplified reel planning:

Reel planning and ordering is affected by many project specific factors, such as the type of conduit runs (branch versus feeder), forklifts used in that project, etc. Therefore, an efficient wire reel planning process is imperative for a successful and productive electrical procurement.

There has not been an efficient tool or process in place for wire reel planning and management for ordering until AECInspire. By automating reel assignments, users are able to define different reels, assign tags, etc. and to place orders using AECInspire Wire BOM.

Track it with AECInspire TrackdIt!

With the tracking module, users can track their wire and reel orders until they are installed on-site. This module provides real-time progress tracking of materials using mobile devices.

AECInspire provides a full-blown supply chain experience to the electrical contractors by addressing their trade-specific processes and connecting the links of their supply chains. Get your wires right away with AECInspire!

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