How to Track Your Construction Supply Chain’s Progress

Construction Supply Chain Management with TrackdIt

How to Track Your Construction Supply Chain's Progress

  • Gokce Ozcelik, Ph.D., Product Owner
  • January 5, 2022
Construction Supply Chain Management with TrackdIt

In a recent construction technology survey, 48% of the participants reported having mobile integrations while purchasing software as very important, and 41% mentioned it as important, and there must be plans for mobile development (JBKnowledge, 2020). 

TrackdIt by AECInspire is a mobile application that integrates with your material information and provides supply chain entities the much-needed visibility to materials, enabling just-in-time delivery and timely material installation.

How to track your construction supply chain progress?

As discussed in our previous blog, one of the key pillars of a successful construction material supply chain is tracking the project materials until they are installed. TrackdIt enables this for field teams, suppliers and distributors, and project management teams in 4 connected stages:

  1. Part List – Includes material information related to each Bill of Material (BOM). Having information available to the users in real-time reduces information silos and gaps.
  2. Warehouse – Support the warehouse team to organize the material before shipping it out. The warehouse team places labels on the items to identify items and record progress. After sorting out the material and completing QC, the item is marked ready for shipping.
  3. Shipping – Once the material is marked ready for shipping by the warehouse team, the shipping team can see that update on their end, and they can use it to plan for delivering the material to the job site. During shipping, they can log status such as ‘in-transit’ and ‘delivered to the job site’ with the contact information of the individual who received the material. These pieces of information are available to all users.
  4. Installation – This tab is for the job crew to locate the delivered material and log information as they install the material. Testing and commissioning information is also logged in this stage.

+ Dashboard – Dashboard provides a quick summary of the overall progress of each stage.


How do supply chain entities benefit from tracking progress with TrackdIt?

Field Teams: Field teams are at the heart of a successful project. Supporting field teams with the right equipment and tools for a successful project delivery includes providing them access to the right technology as well. Here are five reasons why your field teams will love TrackdIt by AECInspire: 

  1. It is an easy-to-use mobile application with an intuitive interface,
  2. Teams can locate the materials on the job site and who picked up the deliveries,
  3. Installation progress can be tracked even when the internet connection is not stable,
  4. Itemized material issues can be listed and resolved easily and efficiently, 
  5. They will optimize the speed at which installations are completed. 

Material Suppliers and Distributors: Timely material delivery is key for any project! Here are three ways material distributors benefit from TrackdIt by AECInspire to enable just-in-time delivery and more:

  1. Gain visibility into delivery progress with real-time information,
  2. Complete enhanced inventory planning for timely stocking,
  3. Improve the shipping planning for timely deliveries.

Project Managers: Project managers play an important role in coordinating the construction processes and communicating information to stakeholders. Project managers leverage the real-time information on TrackdIt during material progress discussions in Owner, Architect, Contractor (OACs) meetings: 

  1. Plan and execute the work based on when materials are delivered to the job site.
  2. Enable better and streamlined logistics planning.
  3. Prepare informative installation reports for OAC meetings easily.

AECInspire’s TrackdIt is a mobile application that helps track material progression from manufacturers through installation in real-time. TrackdIt also empowers businesses to unlock savings from real-time material information at their fingertips through informed decisions.

Let us know how you are tracking your construction materials today!

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