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Our team makes material takeoff easy for you.

Utilizing AECInspire, we generate a comprehensive, master list of itemized materials, Bill of Materials (BOM) for projects of all sizes. We provide our customers with comprehensive Excel reports for:

  • All Conduits and Fittings including the fittings that are not
    modeled such as connectors,

  • Detailed Wire Cable Schedule corresponding to all modeled

  • Supports and Hangers with cut lengths for struts and rods,

  • In-Wall Prefab assemblies and

  • Cable Tray lengths and fittings.

What We Do

Our Outputs

In addition to accurate, reliable reports, our team provides access to AECInspire, our cloud-based tool, which allows you to check all the generated quantities and compare them against previous versions of the same model to see changes across the project lifecycle.


We understand how important accurate, reliable information is for your construction project. Therefore, we provide the best service available to guarantee you get the correct building materials for your project where you need it.

AECI Material Takeoff Sample Outputs
Key Benefits of our

Material Takeoff Service

Our Portfolio

Latest Projects

Here are some of the projects we are honored to have completed with our takeoff service.

Material Takeoff Service at Gateway to Science Museum - AECInspire
Bismarck, ND

Gateway to Science Museum

In partnership with Graybar and Denny's Electric, we provided a complete BOM for North Dakota's Gateway to Science Museum using AECInspire’s 2D Module.

Material Takeoff Service at Lakewood Elementary - AECInspire
Mandan, ND

Lakewood Elementary School

In partnership with Graybar and Denny's Electric we delivered a complete BOM using AECInspire’s 2D Module.

Who Is This Service For?

Material Takeoff Customers

This offering is perfect for MEPFS and Communications Contractors, MEPFS Suppliers/Distributors, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).


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