AECInspire: A Cloud-Based Solution

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Generate real-time, accurate, comprehensive Bill-of-Materials (BOMs) from 3D models and 2D drawings, unlock time savings, reduce material waste, better material management, improved collaboration, easy prefabrication kick-off, and more.

Access anywhere

Seamless collaboration across your teams.

Up to 60% productivity increas

Up to 10% material waste reduction.

Procure and Prefabricate From Your 2D Drawings

2D Module

Verify and Quantify your materials, Integrate with suppliers in a few clicks from your 2D drawings. Jumpstart your prefabrication journey, and stay connected with your teams and your material supply chain with AECInspire’s 2D Module.


Key Features

Automated Bill-of-Materials

When AECInspire is used to take off a 2D plan, the software automatically creates a Bill-of-Material (BOM) at both the assembly and component level.  The BOMs can be used for procurement and with both internal & external prefabrication efforts. 

Comprehensive-multi-level (1)



Pre-built Assembly Library

AECInspire is loaded with pre-built generic assemblies as well as assemblies from our Manufactured Assembly Provider (MAP) Network, which can be used during 2D take-offs and sheet markups in AECInspire.




Custom Assembly Configurator

AECInspire includes a dynamic "assembly configurator" that allows you to add your company's prefab assemblies directly into your project database. In doing so, the BOMs for your projects will be specific to what your prefab shop requires (and don't worry, only your company has access to your assemblies).

Assembly Configurator



Enhanced Auto-Placement

Quickly locate and place symbols on drawings using AECInspire's image recognition technology.  Our version includes a confidence meter that enhances the effectiveness of auto-placement by providing tools to address false positives and messy drawings which have plagued other similar tools in the past. 

Enhanced Auto-Placement


Track Your Materials from Ordering through Installation


Our mobile application helps track material progression from manufacturers through installation in real-time. Unlock savings from real-time material information at your fingertips through informed decisions.


Key Features

Release Planning

With TrackdIt, contractors can see a list of packages needed to complete their projects and request delivery when they need it.



Coordinated Jobsite Deliveries

Jobsite teams can scan QR codes with their mobile devices to confirm the delivery of the packages. They can sign for the deliveries, take pictures of the packages, and installation once ready.



Supplier Coordination

Suppliers have a visibility on their projects and releases and assembly shipments.



Status Dashboards

TrackdIt users can view the number of packages shipped, in-transit, delivered, or installed on the Status Dashboard.


Know Your Conductors, Create and Plan Wire Reels from 2D drawings and 3D Models

Wire BOM

Generate an accurate Bill-of-Materials (BOMs), plan and manage reel orders for your projects in a few clicks, using AECInspire’s 2D and 3D modules.


Key Features

Detailed Wire BOM Generation

With AECInspire's Wire BOM, you will know what wires go to what devices and locations directly from your 2D Model. Wire Data is automatically stored as your projects get populated with devices and connections.



Wire/Cable Pull Planning

You can get detailed wire lengths, colors and sizes between all connections. 



Wire/Cable Reel Planning

AECInspire stores all your wire data so you can easily and quickly identify your Home Run information.



MC Cable Planning & Optimization

AECInspire's Wire BOM helps you speed up prefab and installation with the data that drives towards a more standardized approach to MCs. This also helps you eliminate waste. Have the insight that typically takes lots of effort to obtain right at your fingertips.

Enhanced Auto-Placement


Connect Your BIM Model Information to Your Material Processes on The Cloud

3D Module

AECInspire’s 3D module connects your 3D model information to your material workflows, including planning, procurement, ordering, and prefabrication.

3D module

Key Features

Automated Bill-of-Materials (BOMs)

AECInspire  automatically creates a Bill-of-Materials (BOM) from 3D models at both the assembly and component level.  The BOMs can be used for procurement and with both internal & external prefabrication efforts. 



Constructability Support

AECInspire helps you check your material sizes easily and provides constructability support.



Supplier integration

Suppliers and contractors integrate early in the project for an efficient project, supply chain, and logistics planning. This early insight into project materials enables fast and accurate ordering, reduced back orders, and just-in-time delivery.



Change Order Support

You can get insights into the changes broken-down across different versions of your models through AECInspire's version-controlled models.



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