Top 2020-21 Conferences with AECInspire’s Strong Presence

Top 2020-21 Conferences with AECInspire’s Strong Presence

  • Dr. Gokce Ozcelik – Ph.D., Product Owner (AECInspire)
  • August 25, 2021

Virtual conferences have been great venues to keep up with each other, technology, and innovations in 2020 and 2021. AECInspire team has been actively attending conferences as usual. Here is a quick recap of three virtual conferences we had a strong presence at in 2020 and 2021:

  • NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) Live 2020:
    • We all look forward to NECA conferences and tradeshows every year! And, last year was no exception. In the new era of virtual conferences and tradeshows, Sanveo and AECInspire teams had a strong start with NECA Live 2020. Our Director of Growth and Engagement Aruna Muthumanickam shared insights on jump-starting prefabrication by cutting off from its upfront costs using AECInspire’s 2D Module. Aruna walked the attendees through how AECInspire’s 2D Module generates a comprehensive bill-of-materials (BOM) and enables prefabrication directly from 2D project drawings.
    • Check out Aruna’s talk at NECA Live 2020.
  • ENR FutureTech 2020:AECInspire’s Director of Technology & Innovation, Abhishek Kumar was invited as a panelist at ENR FutureTech 2020. The industry experts got together to discuss the future technological disruptions in the AEC industry. In this panel session, “The Digital Supply Chain Rooted in BIM”, Abhishek discussed the potential of BIM in improving the digital supply chain. Further, he shared his insights on how AECInspire enables BOM generation by leveraging the information from BIM, to enhance the capabilities of the construction material supply chain.
  • ENR BuildTech 2021:
    • AECInspire’s Gokce Ozcelik, Ph.D. was invited as a panelist at ENR BuildTech 2021. Our industry’s thought leaders came together to discuss new techniques, technologies, materials, products, and processes that will foster innovation in AEC. In this panel session titled “Digital Gold”, Dr.Ozcelik shared her insights on the potential of BIM, project data, and cloud technology to digitize the material supply chain. She discussed how generating accurate, comprehensive bills-of-materials (BOMs) with AECInspire streamlines material procurement, tracking, prefabrication workflows. She further highlighted how the benefits including cost savings and improved productivity. She concluded with encouraging our industry professionals to adopt technology, explaining how to jump-start their adoption journey.
    • Gokce’s talk is available on demand until February 2022.

We continue innovating, learning, and sharing knowledge and expertise at these events. We encourage you all to take the time to attend the upcoming conferences!

What AEC events do you plan to attend in 2021-2022? Let us know!