Verify, Quantify,
and Integrate Your
Material Supply Chain

Have confidence in your material management process

AECInspire is a cloud-based procurement solution that provides full visibility and access to your supply chain. A unified platform that connects teams, enhances workflows and tracks materials.

Why AECInspire

More than a procurement tool. Get full control of your material supply chain with AECInspire.

  • Build confidence in right material ordering and constructability with material verification

    Perform 3D model verification on your materials, with your project specifications

  • Bring visibility to project stakeholders with real-time, reliable Bill-of-Materials (BOMs)

    Provide the comprehensive, accurate quantities of your materials, for your workflows

  • Enhance productivity with direct BOM integration to suppliers’ database

    Integrate your BOMs with distributors, saving your teams’ time with the power of material ordering accuracy

Something for Everyone



  • Generate accurate BOMs from 2D drawings and 3D models, improve project data usage and collaboration between on-and off-site teams, on a unified platform.
  • Reduce costly material mistakes, downstream effects of change orders, waste and installation time.
  • Digitize and standardize material planning, ordering and management processes.
  • Promote scaling up your business with easy adoption of prefabrication and BIM.
Prefab Service Provider

Prefab Service Provider

  • Gain early visibility to customers’ project materials and integrate with suppliers for an efficient production and logistics planning.
  • Reduce the downstream effects of change orders in manufacturing by having the right material information.
  • Promote a scalable, streamlined and standardized prefabrication processes with customizable assembly libraries and work packages.
Material Suppliers

Material Suppliers

  • Directly integrate with your customers, gain early visibility to project materials via Supplier BOMs, streamline inventory and logistics planning and management.
  • Reduce backorders and inventory shortages by staying synced with customers’ schedules, unlock just-in-time delivery.
  • Promote takeoff services for your customer base.

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