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Gain Control Of Materials On Your Next Project With Our Advanced Material Management Technology.

"Transform how you manage materials on your projects - by seamlessly connecting Takeoff, Detailing, BOM, Prefab, and Installation through one powerful and dynamic technology."

Elevate Material Management With Our S.P.A.C.E. Workflow.

The S.P.A.C.E. workflow is designed to follow the typical project Takeoff and Detailing stages of Search, Place, Associate, Collaborate, and Execute
Pre-Award or Post-Award, you will produce Spots and Dots faster and more accurately than ever.
 Start your project with our advanced quantity takeoff—effortlessly search and find symbols across sheets with our AI-powered Inspired Search, which learns and improves with every use. Discover thousands of symbols in minutes.


Select, configure, and place assemblies in 1 step directly from your Inspired Search results.
 Finding and placing Assemblies, J-Boxes, Panels, Fixtures, and Equipment has never been easier than it is with AECInspire. We also capture all the data about the objects at the time of placement, so all the knowledge is embedded directly in the objects.


Simplify the association of systems by Wiring / Connecting  Devices, J-boxes, Fixtures, and Panels Together.
 With all the information like Panel, Circuit, and Height embedded into each object. Just pick the connection type, select the objects you want to connect, and let AECInspire do the heavy lifting. Get fully associated data-rich objects, as expected in a BIM environment, but at the speed of a 2D process.


Bring The Knowledge of Your Internal and External Project Team Together
 Simplify your project materials collaboration with AECInspire. Gather input from your team members or invite them to your project on AECInspire and centralize all knowledge in one location for a more efficient and successful project.


Provide The Right Information To The Right People At The Right Time.
 Every project team needs material-based deliverables sent to several team members at different times throughout the life cycle of a project. AECInspire not only allows you to do this, but we also organize the information to fit the specific needs of the different members of the team.


Are you having trouble staffing your jobs with skilled electricians? One of the proven ways to address the skilled labor shortage is prefabrication. AECInspire enables and enhances prefabrication usage, and you can reduce your on-site skilled labor costs by up to 50%. 

AECInspire digitizes manual 2D take-off process for electrical contractors. Your take-off workflows are integrated within AECInspire to be used in the downstream processes, including prefabrication and procurement. You can quickly detail your branch layouts and generate comprehensive BOMs. 

Our process for generating BOM helps contractors operationalize their BOMs for change order and constructability support. You can use AECInspire to check material sizes for constructability support. You can also support managing the inevitable change orders by getting insights into the changes broken down across different versions of your models through AECInspire's version-controlled models and associated BOMs.  

AECInspire helps electrical contractors, suppliers, and distributors collaborate early in the project for efficient project, supply chain and logistics planning. This early insight into project materials will enable faster and more accurate ordering, reduced back-orders, and just-in-time delivery. You can also use our mobile material tracking application to gain visibility on your materials' journey from ordering through installation. Overall, AECInspire will set you up for an efficient procurement process.

Our automated take off process and BOM get you one step closer to your installation and prefabrication goals. If you like to start implementing prefab but don’t know where to start, or you already own your prefab shop and looking for ways to improve your efficiency, you can leverage AECInspire’s ordering and assembly BOMs, install drawings, and provider network to achieve your goals.

Do you think your electricians are losing time waiting for materials, tools, and plans to start the installation? Your electricians' primary time should be dedicated to installation. They should not lose time trying to accrue tools to install, moving palates of materials around, or trying to find materials to install. If they do, it is a waste of their time. AECInspire significantly reduces labor waste time and lets your labor focus on installation by enabling the coordination of having the right materials when and where they need it. Do you have material waste in your projects? AECInspire helps reduce material waste in your projects by providing accurate BOMs so you can have the right amount of material when needed.

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Electrical Contractors

Struggling with skilled labor shortages, looking for efficient branch operations, or aiming to optimize prefab? AECInspire is your solution. This platform enables detailed branch layout planning, efficient assembly and ordering through BOMs generation, and transforms job site teams from reactive to proactive. Simplify installation, eliminate redundancy and guesswork, and significantly reduce labor time and material waste. Enhance communication, preempt costly errors, and streamline project execution with our collaborative platform. Upgrade your electrical contracting with AECInspire.