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"Welcome to AECInspire's Manufactured Assembly Provider (MAP) Network: The Premier Source of Prefabricated Assemblies Designed by Contractors for Contractors."

At AECInspire, we understand that trust and reliability are the cornerstones of construction. That's why our MAP network brings together a select group of trade contractors who aren't just adept at prefab—they're masters of it. These contractors have not only optimized prefab for their own successful projects but are now extending their expertly crafted MAP Assemblies to the wider construction community.
Each MAP Assembly is born from the hands-on experience and rigorous standards of the very people who know construction best: contractors. When you choose MAP Assemblies, you're not just getting a product; you're getting the assurance of field-tested quality and the guarantee that it will function as promised in your projects.
To uphold this promise of excellence, every MAP partner undergoes a stringent certification process. This ensures their ability to consistently produce and deliver these assemblies at scale—maintaining the high-quality you expect and the dependability you require.
Furthermore, our MAP Assemblies are deeply embedded within the AECInspire platform, allowing you to effortlessly place and configure them during the takeoff and detailing stages of your project. This seamless integration streamlines your workflow, reduces errors, and ultimately saves time and costs.
Choose AECInspire's MAP Assemblies for your next project and build with the confidence that you're backed by a network of professionals who stand by the functionality and field readiness of their work. Experience the power of prefab made perfect—where every component works harmoniously in the field, just as it does within our system. Your projects deserve nothing less.

Base Assembly Catagories

In-Wall Boxes

In-Wall Boxes: Precision & Speed:

Configured with standard options for the box, bracket, and mud ring, our in-wall boxes are customized for specific needs. Enhanced precision and streamlined installation processes reduce the need for extensive manpower and minimize time spent on ladders.


MC-Cable: Customized Efficiency:

Designed for flexibility, our MC-cables come with configurable lengths, connectors, and types, tailored to meet diverse project needs. Years of field experience ensure they are easy to install and significantly enhance on-site efficiency, reducing labor and time.


Conduit: Streamlined & Adaptable:

Our conduits offer a range of standard bends like stub 90, saddles, and offsets, customizable with various lengths and connectors to fit specific project requirements. With decades of field expertise, these assemblies are designed for effortless installation and optimal on-site efficiency.

In-Wall Kitting

In-Wall Kitting: Plug-and-Play Efficiency:

Our kits combine in-wall boxes, MC-cables, and conduits, perfectly tailored for specific rooms or areas to support your project timeline. The "30 in 30" strategy ensures all essentials are within reach, enhancing installation efficiency with standardized, ready-to-install components.


Hangers: Precision & Efficiency:

Our hanger assemblies come in styles like trapeze and card, with adjustable dimensions to suit specific projects. These units streamline workflows and reduce the physical demands on workers, thanks to innovative design principles.

Multi-Wire Pulls

Multi Wire Pulls: Customized & Efficient:

Tailor-made for any job, our multi-wire pulls can be customized by number, color, and length of wire to fit specific requirements. Backed by years of field experience, they ensure easy installation and enhance on-site efficiency, streamlining complex wiring tasks and reducing labor needs.

Overhead Conduit and Boxes

Overhead Conduit and Boxes: Precision & Efficiency:

Our overhead conduit and box assemblies offer flexible configurations with bends, saddles, and offsets, crafted for exact project specifications. This setup promotes quick, accurate installations, cutting down significantly on labor needs and safety risks.

Conduit Racks

Conduit Rack: Streamlined & Efficient Installation:

Our racks integrate hangers, boxes, and conduits in pre-configured sections for specific runs, accelerating setup times and boosting precision. This approach minimizes labor requirements and enhances safety by reducing ladder usage.

Advanced Assembly Catagories

Temporary Power and Lighting

Temporary Power Pedestals and Lighting: Safe & Illuminated Sites:

Our temporary power and lighting solutions ensure a reliable power supply and adequate lighting, setting up a safe construction environment. Designed for efficient distribution from the power source, these systems are integral in lighting up your project site and enhancing safety during construction.

Underground Ductbank

Underground Systems: Swift & Efficient Construction:

Leveraging advanced engineering and virtual design, our underground systems are constructed with precision and efficiency. These technologies allow us to deliver rapid deployment and installation, significantly reducing construction time while ensuring high-quality underground infrastructure. 

Head-Wall & Other Framed Assemblies

Head-Wall & Framed Assemblies:

Your field teams will receive fully constructed head-wall and other framed assemblies with single-point connections, optimizing onsite workflow. Focused coordination with other trades ensures enhanced accuracy and integration, streamlining the installation process and improving overall construction efficiency.

Modular Electrical Rooms

Modularized Electrical Rooms: Flexible & Ready-to-Connect:

Our prefabricated modular electrical rooms are built in parallel with main construction activities, ensuring quick and easy installation. Designed for flexibility, they are suitable for both modular and traditional projects, coming fully prepared for final connections and immediate power integration.

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Our MAP Network partners can prefabricate almost anything. If you can't find the specific assembly you're looking for, simply request a meeting below. We'll connect you with a MAP partner who can tailor a solution to your exact specifications.

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